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Mineral water treatment

Water course is prescribed by resort doctor. Usually water from different springs is prescribed 3-4 times daily in 20-40 minutes before the meal, in average amount of 250-400 ml. Water amount is individual, it depends on mass of a body, age and carliovascular and urinary system condition. General amount of drunken water is 1– 1,5 liters. The water must be drunken slowly making small savouring gulps from specific spa china cups.
Its distinctive feature is a narrow drinking spout, which allows to measure out small gulps and hold water in mouth as water action and its treatment effect starts in mouth cavity. While drinking you must walk slowly and if necessary sit down for a while. According to the experience and medical researches mineral spring water with temperature near body temperature (colder) is prescribed to treat constipation, and hot water – to treat frequent stool and diarrhea.

Physiological effect of Karlovy Vary mineral water
When taken in usual drinking water is warmed by mucous tunics of gullet, stomach, duodenum, richly supplied with blood by vessels, and promptly flows into intestinal tract. Karlovy Vary mineral water flows out the stomach after it cooled down below + 40° С, and entirely stomach clear off water in one hour. Water temperature in springs ranging from + 40° up to + 70°, high chemical concentration of mineral matters, increased carbonic acid concentration, all natural therapeutic qualities contribute to the water later evacuation. Karlovy Vary water washes out gullet, stomach, neutralizes hydrochloric acid and extends stomach size by its warmth and quantity. Thereby spasmolytic effect is achieved and mucous tunic blood circulation is improved locally and by reflex ways. Calcium, magnesium, lithium, sulphate ions and carbonic acid affects directly on mucous tunic: this results in producing of a number of ferments, which actively help and ease gastrointestinal digestion process. The water gets into duodenum in a changed form because of gastric contents impact. Under the action of magnesium and sulphates ions absortion duodenum mucous tunic secretes hormone necessary for further digestion process – cholecystokinin. This hormone increases bile and pancreas secretion, which makes huge necessary impact on chemical disintegration of nutrients in duodenum.
Cholecystokinin increases intestinal mobility as against to usual drinking water. Sulphates concentration in Karlovy Vary water contributes to treatment of constipations and stool normalization.

Impact on intestinal flora

It consists in change of quality and quantity composition of intestinal flora. Quantity of physiological microflora and colon bacillus increases.

Impact on liver and bile-excreting tracts

Karlovy Vary mineral water after its absorption in stomach and small intestine gets with blood to liver. Liver gets from the blood certain substances and excretes them with bile. Process of bile formation and bile-excreting intensifies. Bile chemical composition after mineral water taking in displayed its change: bile becomes less viscous, clears from mucus and concretions, more liquid bile flows by inflammatory-modified ducts and patient practically doesn’t feel pain. Besides, taking in of Karlovy Vary mineral water before the meal eases process of bile excreting from gall-bladder.

Impact on pancreas

Karlovy Vary water eases process of pancreatic elements – amylase and lipase – excreting into duodenum.

Impact on glucose exchange

In result of long-term taking in of Karlovy Vary water process of glucose capture and distribution in organism cells normalizes, producing of human insulin increases, and therefore blood sugar level reduces.

Impact on water and mineral exchange by Karlovy Vary treatment

Every drinking course is connected with increased intake of water and minerals and gas dissolved in there.
When Karlovy Vary water is taken in amount of 1-1,5 liters daily, it contributes to diuresis (urinary excretion) increase. Urine changes its chemical reaction towards alkalescence. It is proved that quantity of uric acid in urine reduces gently by podagra. Mineral water therapeutic action allows to use it for treatment of urinary tracts diseases.
Because of increasing of natrium concentration in mineral water patients can be prescribed diuretics for its excretion from organism. Prescribing of such medicines is in competence of resort doctor. After diuretics treatment courses hydrops under eyes and on the legs disappear.

General reaction of organism on karlovy Vary treatment

When taking mineral water at balneologic resorts often different reactions appear: tiredness, weakness, sickness, aggravation of pain, discomfort in upper half of stomach, bile outflow into mouth cavity or bile vomiting can occure. Some patients have short-term pappy stool. Usually resort reactions appear at the end of the first or at the beginning of the second weeks after the beginning of treatment. During some weeks all the reactions disappear. This reactions are not naturally for everybody. If water course is supplemented with physical exercises such reactions don’t appear at all. Resort reaction is nor a disease but only organism adaptation for mineral water intake.