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Day I:
Arrival in Tbilisi. Metting at the Tbilisi international airport with a sign of “Iber-Tour”. Transfer to the hotel.

Day II:
The citybreak tour offers you the sightseeing of Tbilisi, visiting the historic and architectural monuments, describing the 1500 year-old history of the city. Ancient districts are remarkable with ornamented houses with balconies, narrow streets and diversified architectural style. Here, You can meet the temples of 6 different religious confessions, neighbouring each other.
You can visit the following sights during the city-break tour:

  • The Sameba cathedral (the monastery complex, with the main large – scale dome church of 97 meters high);
  • The Metekhi Church (dated with the XIII century, from which you can enjoy the great view over the ancient districts of Tbilisi);
  • Abanotubani and the Mosque (in this part of the city, there are sulfur baths; this was where the legend about founding Tbilisi was born);
  • The Narikala Fortress (medieval castle, erected on the beautiful hill, creates the composition of the most beautiful city view);
  • The top of the Sololaki mountain, “The Mother of Georgia”;
  • Zoroaster (fire worshiping) temple, named “Ateshga”;
  • Bethlehem churches of the “Kldisubani” (rocky area);
  • Synagogue;
  • Meidani and the Armenian Church;


  • Art Saloons, workshops, exhibitions, etc;
  • The Sioni Cathedral (XII century dome church);
  • Walking along the riverside, across the “Bridge of Peace” (the contemporary architectural model, presented in the combination of the ancient town);
  • The King’s Square;
  • The Anchiskhati Church (one of the most ancient Christian buildings in Georgia, dated with VI Century);
  • Theatre of Marionettes;
  • The Art museum of Georgia (The Gold Fund, where exhibits of different period are represented; among them is the gilded Lord’s icon not of human making).

Back to the hotel in Tbilisi. Dinner and Overnight stay.

Day III:
Breakfast at the hotel.
This region of Georgia is famous for vine yards and wine making; in the evening, you will experience wine sampling in Georgian cellar and test the famous Georgian wines.
Departure to Sighnaghi, visiting the following sights:

  • St. Nino’s Monastery complex (visiting the churches and a tower of the monastery surrounded with fortification);
  • Sighnaghi (one of the most beautiful towns of Kakheti region, with historic monuments and tiny houses with nice balconies. Walking along the tourist path, you will visit the districts of the town, the King Erekle’s fence  and other sights;
  • Exhibitions and museums (the Sighnaghi is the mother town of the world famous painter Niko Pirosmani. The city museum is rich in expositions, among which there are the paintings by Niko Pirosmani).

Lunch in Sighnaghi;
Departure towards Telavi.

  • Architectural complex of the Royal Palace (remains of the palace, art museum, small churches surrounded by the fence);
  • Sightseeing of the Alaverdi Church
  • The Alaverdi Architectural Complex (the monastery was founded by another Assyrian Father – Ioseb Alaverdeli. The contemporary church is dated with the XI century. The Alaverdi Complex includes the XI century cross-dome church, the Royal pavilion, wine cellar and buildings serving various purposes, surrounded with the great stonewall).

Back to Tbilisi. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day IV:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to Khevsureti. Arrival in Barisakho (the distance of 100 km), visiting the following sights:

  • Ethnographic museum of the village Korsha;

Lunch at the guesthouse in Gudani;
Departure towards Shatili through the Datvisjvari pass (2600 m. above the sea). The way leads further to the Arghuni gorge (the distance of 25 km. to Shatili)

  • The Lebaiskari Tower (the tower, built in pyramid style, characteristic for this part of Caucasus only);
  • Ancient village settlement of Kistani;

Arrival at the castle – village of Shatili

  • Shatili (a village, located over the rocky area, consisted of approximately 50 towers.

The combination of towers ensemble with balconies against the attractive landscape in synthesis creates the marvelous view for the visitors. There are many interesting legends and stories about this village);
The Kachu Castle (there is the ancient village above the village Shatili, called Kachu. From this castle there is the most beautiful view over Shatili and the Arghuni river gorge).
Dinner and overnight stay at the guest house in Shatili.

Day V:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure towards the villages Mutso and Ardoti visiting the following sights:

  • Mutso (the medieval castle – village, built on the rocks, consisted of towers and buildings, divided into some areas. The general view of the village is so impressive, that it makes you feel as a part of the local legends).
  • Ardoti (the village of Khevsureti, where pictograms on stones are preserved; their sense is still not known to the scientists).

Lunch in Ardoti; departure towards Shatili. On the way to Shatili, visiting the tombs of Anatori; there are many interesting stories and legends, connected with these tombs.
Departure to the village Gudani. Dinner and overnight stay at the local guesthouse.

Day VI:
Breakfast at the hotel.
From Gudani the tour keeps towards the village Korsha. Tracking along the path from massive Rockies to the Abudelauri lakes (horse riding tour can be also offered here).
During the tour, you will visit the following sights (the unity of Caucasus attractive mountain tops, with enjoyable impressive view; the gorge leads to the bottom of the Rockies).

  • The Abudelauri lakes (visiting the three most beautiful  lakes of the Alpine zone, situated close to each other, with different colouring – green, sky-blue and white (milky); the lakes are at the bottom of the Rockies, creating the most beautiful view in unity.

Picnic in the open air;
Back to Gudani; walking tour in the surroundings of the village;
Specific features of the local folklore (familiarization with local cuisine , traditions and songs);
Dinner and overnights stay at the guesthouse in Gudani.

Day VII:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Leaving Gudani for the town of Kutaisi; from the village Tvalivi boating tour (rafting) down the river (the distance of 15 km.).
Arrival in Kutaisi, visiting the Bagrati church:

  • Bagrati (the XI century large – scale church, which has been damaged; this church is included into the list of UNESCO World Culture Heritages);

Citybreak in the town of Kutaisi. Dinner and overnight stay.

Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure towards Sataplia, visiting the following objects:

  • Following the trace of Dinosaur towards the cave (Sataplia is included into the list of reserved territories of Georgia. The dinosaur trace is preserved in the most beautiful karstic cave);

Back to Kutaisi; Lunch.

  • Prometheus’ cave (karstic underground formations on the surface are represented as a unity of complex here, with the most beautiful rivers and diversified natural landscapes of the local underground world);

Dinner and overnight stay in Kutaisi.

Day IX:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure towards Gori, visiting the following sights:

  • The Gori Castle (the citadel, erected over the high rocky hill in the heart of the town Gori).
  • Uflistsikhe (the cave town of antique period, located over the 9 hectors of the rocky hills, with ancient theatre, pagan and Christian churches).

Lunch in Gori. Keeping the rout towards the ancient town of Mtskheta;

  • Svetitskhoveli (the great complex of the cross dome church, where the greatest sacred objects for the whole Christian world are buried – the Lord’s tunic and the cloak of the profit Eliah).

Back to Tbilisi. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day X:
Transfer to the Tbilisi International Airport.