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In the course of centuries, the city of Karlovy Vary, whose beginning dates back to the middle of the 14th century, has become a famous place of balneology, balneal care and therapy, and holiday industry. It was and still is visited by the outstanding personalities of world politics, art and sport. Let us briefly introduce the spa of Karlovy Vary that is visited about 2 million people every year. The contemporary image of the city was greatly influenced by the construction activities of the 19th century and by the trends of Baroque historism and art nouveau. More than 70 hot springs (35°C – 73°C hot) have their source here. They are used for drinking therapy, baths, and special curative procedures.

The spa treatment provided in Karlovy Vary is suitable mainly for people suffering from gastrointestinal tract conditions, diseases of locomotive organs, and metabolic disorders as well as for those who undergo post-surgery recovery. The dominants of the spa district is the building of Spa I that is adjacent the five-star luxury hotels Grandhotel Pupp and Carlsbad Plaza, followed by the Hotel Imperial complex looking down from a nearby hill. In the very heart of the spa zone you can find Castle Spa (Zámecké lázně), a facility that offers relaxation and accommodation as well as a comprehensive choise of long-term balneal treatment, complemented with short-term balneal procedures and wellness stays whose popularity is on the increase. All of thee services are of top-notch quality.

The spa is a synonymy of colonnades and promenades. Perhaps the most beautiful colonnade of Karlovy Vary is the Orchard Colonnade (Sadová kolonáda) designed by Austrian architects Hellmer and Fellner. Other wonderful structures are the Mill Colonnade (Mlýnská kolonáda) by architect Zítek and the Hot Spring Colonnade (Vřídelní kolonádu) next to the Castle Spa (Zámeckých Lázní); the latter being famous for the most vigorous and hottest spring called simply Vřídlo (Hot Spring, 72°C). Looking above the Hot Spring Colonnade, you can admire the Baroque church of St. Mary Magdalene whose excellent acoustic make it a frequent host of classical music concerts, other social events being held here too. Worth visiting is also the building of the Municipal Theater was also constructed according to designs by Hellmer and Fellner. Opposite the theater, there is the famous Elefant coffee bar. Above the Mill Colonnade, we enter a residential upscale district called Karlovy Vary’s Westend with a picturesque orthodox church of St. Peter and Paul and the Bristol hotel complex, the Savoy Westend Hotel, the Eliška Hotel, the Spa Hotel Čajkovskij and other accommodation facilities offering comfortable therapeutic as well as relaxation conditions to Karlovy Vary visitors who often belong to world-known film celebrities, politicians or monarchs.

The modern history of the city is closely connected with the Thermal Hotel complex that has been, for more than 40 years, the place of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival whose significance matches that of the festivals held in Cannes, Berlin, San Sebastian, or Venezia. Recently, the variety of events has been extended with a fabulous sport event Kanoe Mattoni in wild water rafting. Sport and relaxation activities are also prepared by golf courses on horse race track premises, in Olšová Vrata and Cihelny. Gejzírpark and Imperial are sought after tennis courts. Karlovy Vary enjoys world popularity thanks to the production of herbal liquor Becherovka, Thun porcelain or Moser glass.